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pradeep Choudhary

PG in nursing. | Posted on | Education

Which is the best course in India mph or MSc nursing for a BSC?


Student | Posted on

I hope your question is this -

What is the best course in India, MPh Nursing or M.Sc Nursing in future recently pursuing bachelors in Nursing.

To answer this query you will have to first introspect on your definition of best. Though switching streams to Public Health will be a change and might give you sting career ahead but Nursing in itself is a self sustainable career option with many other opening streams like that of dietitian and personal trainer. Pathology will be a strong career option due to the recently establishing labs in the country and also the new growth the Biotechnology sector, but to narrow it down to you, you will have to seek this answer on your own. It all depends on your knowledge of both streams and personal experience of people who have lived and loved this career. Let's take both these career options one by one and your future possibilities :- 
1) On choosing Msc Nursing - 

A) Nursing in charge - This gives you a desk and on field job and lands you with a handsome salary in private hospitals.
B) Nursing Supervisor - The role people play during a hospital emergency. The supervisor makes sure everything goes smoothly when the relatives of the patient are losing it all.
C) Nursing Executive - This person is the head of all the staff and even some doctors in the whole hospital. This person plays the role of an administrator.
D) Anesthetist - The fear of injections and the tears you see in the young hearts. From dealing to the above written line to making sure the amount if drug in Anesthesia, there is a lot to take care and cover here.
E) Occupational Health Nurse - In Grand hospitals and some World Class government hospitals, the people are hired for assisting in Critical operational theaters. Very rare breed, very highly paid.

2) On choosing MPH - Being a student of Public health you have various options open to you of 

A) Epidemiologists - A complete new world in itself and secondly of service to people
B) Biostatician - Analyzing data on a major level and finding the cause and spread of disease like Zika Virus
C) Researcher - Assisting a team working on a particular vaccine and cure of a disease.
D) Public Health Educator - Perhaps the best of the career option because the health is neglected very easily by common man. The people are involved in spreading awareness and decoding various taboos of the society.
E) Health Care Administrator - To organise a hospital requires technical labor but from a public health background. Consider yourself as a manager for big IT Company.


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