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Naresh Dhewa

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Which is the best NIT placement-wise?


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Which is the best NIT placement-wise?
I will not bring this to one single NIT in the whole country. Because this is a very personal choice and most companies reach in the NITs accordingly. The placement, though can be a very nerve-breaking moment in your life. One needs to understand the importance of satisfying his inner needs through the placement. Many people call it job satisfaction. Moreover placement is also based on your personality and knowledge which becomes a common thing once you start pursuing your bachelor degree in a college of National level.So I will narrow down this list to top 5 National Institute of Technologies of the Country.
1. NIT Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
There is a reason this college is among the top NITs of the country. The placement the environment and many other uncountable things that you just can't account for at times!
2.NIT Rourkela, Odisha
In their brochure 2017 2018, the placement companies, that they have listed are ABB, Bajaj, Bharat Petroleum, Caterpillar, Coca Cola, ESSAR, FIAT, GE, GM, Linde, Rio Tinto, John Deree and many other countless companies.
3.NIT Surathkal, Karnataka
Not much information is available officially. Do check their official website once.
4. NIT Warangal, Telangana
The placement percentage of their mixed population seems to be increasing according to their brochures.
5. Motilala Nehru NIT, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
According to their Training and Placement office, in the academic year 2018 biotechnology highest placement was of 6 lacs, CE - 17.37, Civil - 16.7, CSE - 36, Electrical Engineering - 20.8, ECE - 31.5, IT - 36, ME - 17.37 in the UG courses. You can once have a look at their official website too.


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