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Teena Kuriakose

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Which is the best yellow page listing in the world


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Yellow pages

These us no particular answer for this question as a yellow page directory only contains information about local businesses and contacts from a specific geographical location. So, you can't compare a yellow page listing from USA to that one over in France.

There are over thousands of yellow page directories in USA alone, let alone the whole world. Some of the biggest and most famous of them are:

1. DEX

2. AT&T Real pages

3. Yellow book

4. Verizon Superpages

5. Yell

Although, the physical directories are dying because of new technology arising thats why there are various e-listings like yelp.com that has a huge web listing in it. It contains contacts from a large number of places and for me it is the clear winner.

Although still, if you are looking to find the best of them all then just visit this Wikipedia page https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_yellow_pages to see all the most famous yellow page listings from different nations.



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