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manish singh

phd student Allahabad university | Posted | others

Which temples should you visit at least once in your lifetime?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

Since I love mahadev, here is the rundown of consecrated spots I need to visit
Kinnaur kailash
Situated at 6050 m tallness, in himachal place
Adoring shiva at such a tallness is ensured goosebumbs, I have playlist for shiva, I would essentially sit and listen his tunes there
Manimahesh parvat
Known as kailash of india, an awesome light present here and nobody even know, what it is, spending at some point here and doing contemplation and reciting would be extraordinary
Kedarnath Temple
One of my top pick, really there is vasuki taal when you will follow higher mountains in the zone, that spot is named as promising, I couldn't want anything more than to visit kedar valley and vasuki taal which is at more higher height
Tungnath mahadev
Most noteworthy shiva sanctuary on earth, an unquestionable requirement visit occasion to get :)
Pashupati nath
The place that is known for extraordinary pashupat convention, most established custom till date generally, even in most antiquated progress indus valley , pashupati seals has been found
Mahakaleshwar, ujjain
The mahashivratri of ujjain merits praising, I watched narrative on ujjain sanctuary on history television, I couldn't imagine anything better than to visit and move in the baarat of shiva ?
The city of shiva himself, Many things come as a main priority when I listen the word banaras, the city praises passing, the sacred rivar ganga and the mysterious ghats ❤️, I need to feel the force of separation in banaras and clearly vishwanath sanctuary is there
Shri khand mahadev
Since mahadev is chinese resident now, so I need to go there on visa, yet in the event that I visit kailash , it will be exemplification of the inward satisfaction for me, I simply need to sit at the feets of kailash by taking its help from back and would need to consider the entire infinite syetem and investigate life from an alternate point of view



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