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Who are the 8 Chiranjivs like Ashwatthama?


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There were numerous chiranjivis from the epic story of sanatan dharma…

Kripacharya: kripacharya was the sibling of kripi and kul master of the kuru during the hour of Mahabharata..his fair-mindedly towards understudy was his eternality. He was one of the individuals who left after the finish of the Mahabharata… .




Bali chakravarthi: The asura lord mahabali, concerned all the three world, must be subded by Vishnu on the solicitation of indra, in the wake of having built up an unfortunate self-importance. Vishnu evaporated Bali in the hidden world, yet his devout deeds on the earth conceded him the aid having the option to visit at the earth once a year currently celebrated as onam on Kerala..





Markandeya: Markandeya was the aficionado of Lord shiva and he wss allowed shamelessness by him when Lord shiva and yama( divine force of death) Fought to choose the rishi's fate. When sage Narayana visited and approached him for an aid. Markandeya implored the Narayana to show his deceptive force or maya since sages Nara-Narayana was the manifestation of Lord Narayana. To satisfy ho wish, Vishnu showed up as kid skimming on the leaf and pronounced to the savvy that he was the time and passing. Markandeya entered in the mouth of Vishnu to save himself from the flooding water. Inside the kid's stomach he found the all the world all the seven seas, mountain and all realms. He began to supplicate Vishnu. The sage go through large number of years with Vishnu. He created the Bala mukundasthakam as of now..





VedVyas: VedVyas was the child of sage parasar and satyavati spouse of shantanu..He was conceived for the explanation that he gave the replacement of Hastinapur by doing niyog to Ambika and Ambalika and their made likewise… He was the person who recounted the narrative of Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha and Ganesha composed all the story… Barely he was the relative of devaratt and own sibling of vichitrvirya and chitrangada… He was eternal too..





Vivishana: Vivishana was the sibling of Ravana and Kumbhkaran. He used to live in the narka lok till now as the lord of devil.. He assisted Rama with slaughtering his insidious sibling and gave numerous proposal which assist them with winning the Lanka very easily..He was godlike to keep up the honesty and profound quality..





lord Hanuman: Son of Vayu deva and relative of Bhima was additionallyeverlasting and meandering till now on the earth..when Lord Vishnu was in his seventh manifestation of Rama then Hanuman was his incredible bhakta and consistently lectures him in numerous ways..But when Lord Vishnu going to leave the earth he advised to Hanuman to be on the earth and spread the bhakti on the individuals of the earth and get mindful them about the god and made them profound to the god..




lord parashuram: Lord parashuram was the sixth manifestation of Lord Vishnu and he would have been the educator of tenth manifestation of Lord kalki which was not destined to that time… He was unfading and atimaharathi he evaporated all the Kshatriyas multiple times from the earth to make harmony and quiet and dispose of individuals from evilness..He likewise the master of devaratt and Guru dronacharya separated from them he was the master of Anga Raj karna and furthermore reviled him that when he needed to utilize his investigation from him he failed to remember Everything and this revile was the explanation of his demise..




Asahwathama : He was the child of master dronacharya and kripi, and kripacharya was his Maternal uncle. His dad dronacharya made Penance vow to get child whose bravery ***** like Lord shiva lastly he got the child pearl on the temple which controls his all the force… when he was reviled by the Lord Krishna then he took his jewel from ashwathama and reviled him that he meandered till the most recent day of Kal yuga and he was never got alleviation from his injury during the war..







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