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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Who is Nesamani? Why is -Pray for Nesamani- trending on Twitter?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

In 2001, a Tamil movie was released, called "Friends". (It was a remake of Malayalam film!). It starred comedian Vadivelu, who played the character of Contractor Nesamani. That character became a cult classic that continues to define many comic roles in the South even till this date.

Now, what happened was a Pakistan-based meme page posted an image of a hammer with the question "what is the name of the tool in your country?"

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Movie Crow)

This is when the people on Twitter started the hashtag trend of 'Pray for Nesamani'. Because there was this scene in the movie 'Friends' where Contractor Nesamani gets injured after his assistant fails to follow this instruction and drops a hammer on this head. It was quite a funny scene in the movie. This is where a few Twitter users drew their answer from to the original question on the said image.

Next, the hashtag #PrayForNesamani went viral. People in South flexed their social media muscle to get the hashtag trending in their region. Soon, the rest of the country joined.

And now, this hashtag is trending top on Twitter, in India, and even worldwide… with half of the users pulling memes and praying for the Nesamani, while the other half are wondering who is Nesamani.

nesamani-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Tamil Cine Koothu)

(It is one of the finest examples of how people on social media can come together and make even the most irrelevant things the talk of the town. This is exactly what happened a few months back when a picture of an egg became the most-liked picture on Instagram.)

Soon, many renowned personalities and brands joined in this trend to Pray for Nesamani. Right now, there are scores of memes under this hashtag to give you some serious laughs.

Some brands channeled their marketing genius to bank on this trend.

I loved this Nippon Paint's campaign…


The hashtag is still going strong. Let’s see when do people really stop praying for Nesamani. I mean, sure, it's a serious matter and Nesamani better gets in health soon. But we all have to get #RahulResignationDrama trending for propaganda media houses. Move on, people! ;)


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