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Who is the best social media user in Indian politics ?


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Social media has a great impact on society these days, and it is used widely by people in different fields. The politicians are also not spared from this platform as they can address mass with a few words using various social media sites. It also helps them to gain the attention of the public as well as opponents. Whether it is their personal life or a burning issue where they want to say something, this platform has been proven right for expressing their concerns. Here are a few Indian politicians who are known for the use of social media.

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Narendra Modi: The PM of India is much fond of using tweeter to show concern for various things. He has got almost 4 crores of followers on various social media sites.

Arvind Kejriwal: The chief of Aam Aadmi Party and chief minister of the capital city is also known for his use of this platform. He has got around 1 crore followers on different sites in this domain.

Shashi Tharoor: This controversial politician from the oldest party in India is much famous for his quotes and opinions on social media sites. He has got millions of followers on various sites. He is believed as the first politician in India who started this trend.

Arun Jaitley: This advocate turned politician is also much fond of using various social media sites where he has got many followers.

Akhilesh Yadav: The young face of Uttar Pradesh politics is known as one of the most users of these platforms who has got around 1 million followers on various sites.


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