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Who is the best WWE superstar of all time and why?


Brock Lesner


The Beast in bodily form
Numerous old school wrestling fans won't concur with this one however fans such as myself who wound up devoted genius wrestling fans during heartless animosity time will sure concur. Brute was the best thing around then. He even won Royal thunder in his absolute first appearance and had headliner spot in his first WrestleMania. In any case, soon he left WWE in 2004 to seek after vocation in MMA and returned following 8 years of brief nonappearance.
Best matches
Wrestlemania 19 versus Kurt Angle.
No kindness 2002 versus Funeral director in HIAC
The one of every 21-1
Still has a lot more years to go and genuine warrior profile
Right now most predominant power in WWE
Had brief nonattendance from WWE for a long time
Subsequent to having achieved so much he is still part-clock.


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Ric Flair is normally perceived by a larger number of grapplers as the best ever than any other person. In Flair's 30 for 30 narrative, even lengthy timespan rival Hulk Hogan conceded that Flair was superior to him, yet the best ever.


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