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Who is the biggest hypocrite of all time?


Seo Manager | Posted on

Rahul Gandhi, the scion of Gandhi family in India.

His family controlled free India for over 50 years out of complete 66 years is as yet running the show. That standard was defaced with defilement of billions of dollars. The debasement achieved such a point, that the general population were not ready to sustain themselves (high expansion), need to pay fixes to get even their essential rights, and bias, cronyism, nepotism was available in each branch of government.

In India, each choice by decision gathering is taken at his home. Everything happens directly in front of him or by his or family's order. We have an established law that basically says if any chosen individual from parliament doesn't concur with Rahul Gandhi or his mom Sonia Gandhi's order, he loses his enrollment of parliament. (Tenth Schedule)

This person enabled degenerate pastor's to remain in bureau to delete the records of their wrong doing even after they were uncovered and open episode emitted to expel them. This person who won't let out the slightest peep about the continually pouring news about his gathering's defilement in states and at focus.


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