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Who is the most shameless politician in India?


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Digvijay Singh
1. "India Is Better Than Pakistan Where Blasts Take Place Every Day, Every Week."
Since ages prehistoric, we knew "governmental issues" similar to an equivalent of "tact", yet Digvijay Singh's scandalous articulations like this, that too when discusses an inviting association of the two nations are noticeable all around, just proceeds to deconstruct the importance of legislative issues.
2. "A Hundred Percent tunch maal"— Meenakshi Natarajan
This remark incited so much contention that the restriction acted the hero by calling Singh a "psychological case", and that if need be, they'll bear all the costs of his treatment. Presently, would you say you were stating governmental issues isn't entertaining?
3. Actually a "Genuine Feku"
This isn't a piece of arbitrary drawing room babble and tattles among companions, however the straightforward legislator, Digvijay Singh's one more method of portraying Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi.
4. "Arvind Kejriwal resembles Rakhi Sawant. The two of them attempt and uncover however with no substance."
Both Kejriwal and Sawant may truly make a 'cool' pair surely for various reasons, however genuinely, public discussion isn't a spot for their correlation.
5. 'I stick to stand that Batla House experience was phony'
Addressing journalists, Digvijaya Singh said he would not apologize to BJP over his comment that the Batla House experience was phony. "I will never apologize. I actually keep up that experience was phony," he said. This comment welcomed responses from various politicos.
6. 'RSS trains activists in making bombs'
Digvijaya Singh asserted that Sangh trains its activists in making bombs. He told correspondents that he has video clasps of four VHP and RSS activists tolerating that they were prepared by Sangh in making bombs.
7. 'Advani helped RSS penetrate govt, media'
Digvijaya on the commemoration of Babri Masjid's pulverization in 2010, denounced BJP pioneers, for example, LK Advani, of planting spies in government and the media.
"RSS has individuals all over. Advani had even planted RSS men in the media when he was data and broadcasting clergyman," Singh stated, delivering a book by Urdu writer Aziz Burney, named A RSS Conspiracy in 26/11?



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