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ravi singh

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Who won between the fight of Karna and Abhimanyu?


teacher | Posted

Them two were amazing fighters. They were the best toxophilite of Dwapar Yuga. Abhimanyu made progress and notoriety in a significant youthful age. Them two confronted comparable circumstance in war (they were assaulted by a few heroes ).
So , I would analyze on the premise that how often they confronted each other on the front line.
They confronted each other unexpectedly the portrayal of which is:-
At that point Abhimanyu, unnecessarily punctured by those extraordinary bowmen with their straight shafts, shot shafts at Karna which was equipped for penetrating through each shield and body. That pole, penetrating through Karna's jacket of mail and afterward his body, entered the earth like a snake puncturing through an ant colony dwelling place. Profoundly punctured, Karna felt extraordinary agony and turned out to be entirely vulnerable. Undoubtedly, Karna started to shake in that fight like a slope during a tremor
This time Abhimanyu massacres the child of Radha.
They confronted each other when Abhimanyu was caught in Chakravhyu for example the thirteenth day of the extraordinary battle of Mahabharata and:
'Phalguni's child penetrated Karna in the vehicle with a pointed bolt, and for enraging him even more, he punctured him with fifty different shafts. The child of Radha penetrated Abhimanyu consequently with the same number of shafts. Secured done with bolts, Abhimanyu, at that point, looked extremely excellent. Loaded up with rage, he caused Karna likewise to be washed in blood. Disfigured with bolts and secured with blood, the valiant Karna additionally shone incredibly. Them two penetrated with bolts, both washed in blood. Abhimanyu at that point slew six of Karna's valiant instructors, familiar with all methods of fighting, with their horses and charioteers and vehicles.
Along these lines, here Abhimanyu arrived at the zenith of his warriorship abilities. He punctured Karna a few times with his bolts and thusly was harmed by him moreover. They were battling straight on and it was difficult to tell who might win. (It was nearly draw).
They again confronted one another and again Karna was vanquished -
At that point Karna, the most regarded of all bowmen, burning of getting triumph, punctured the child of Subhadra with many bolts, uprooting his best weapons. With shafts taking after snakes of harmful toxin and shot from his bow attracted to a circle, Abhimanyu immediately remove the umbrella, standard, the charioteer, and the horses of Karna, grinning the while.
Again Karna was beaten back by Abhimanyu -
Seeing them broken and steered, Drona and Drona's child, and Vrihadvala, and Kripa, and Duryodhana, and Karna, and Kritavarman, and Suvala's child (Sakuni), surged in incredible anger against the unvanquished child of Subhadra. Practically all these, O lord, were beaten back by Abhimanyu.
In this way, altogether Karna was vanquished by Abhimanyu multiple times .



Manager | Posted


No doubt in this. Abhimanyu was a superior fighter but karna was an extraordinary fighter. Karna had won the fight.


Blogger | Posted

Abhimanyu defeated karna four times. Karna behaves as a coward against abhimanyu AND RUN AWAY FROM HIM.


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