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ravi singh

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Why didn-t a majority of Hindus read the Bhagavad Gita?


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The vast lion's share of individuals have learnt maths and material science too. What number of utilization it in their day by day lives?

The Gita isn't a book to be perused and overlooked. It is the melody of life and is intended to be sung inside our psyche and impact all that we do.

One can't learn quantum material science in kindergarten. One can't acknowledge the Gita until one has given up their Ego.

The melody of the Gita will call to each spirit sooner or later. It isn't basic to peruse the book yet the message will arrive at each spirit when it is prepared no matter what. The fact of the matter doesn't involve point of view.

Indeed the Gita is continually playing like Krishnas woodwind on the planet. At the point when we can hear it's call we will be prepared to retain it's message.

"Four sorts of individuals give up unto me - those in trouble, the individuals who look for information, the searcher of riches and the man of insight who knows reality

Out of a large number among men, one may try for flawlessness, and of the individuals who have accomplished flawlessness, barely one knows Me in truth."

- Bhagavad Gita



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