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Why do Vishnu devotees suffer the most? What is the moral?


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As a matter of fact These are truth story

Prahlad is the lover of Srivishnu, prahlad is conceived beacause of Srivishnu wish in Asura family , he dont have any characteristics of Asur, we know the amount Prahlad endured torment, entire his family remains against him. Srivishnu himself slaughtered father of Prahlad

Child of Prahlad is Virochan , he likewise become aficionado of Srivishnu, he began venerating Srivishnu just , other devas like master indra came think about this , ruler indra and other devas wanted to slaughter him , master indra executed Virochan and furthermore consumed him ,beacause he is given to vishnu .

Child of Virochan is Bali He committed more towards Goddess Lakshmi then Srivishnu, when he got data about his dad Velochan is murdered by ruler indra , straightforwardly Bali assaulted swarga loka attempt to assault master indra , again ruler indra and devas executed Bali Brutally , Srivishnu promptly came advised master indra to pick the deadbody of Bali give towards Shukracharya ( Guru of Asur) who knows Sanjeevini vidya make Bali alive , Shukracharya who is aficionado of master Shiva , sanjeevini vidya given by ruler Shiva just .

Child of Bali is Banasura He had an information whom to adore He venerated master Shiva , Successfully making the most of his existence with no difficulty in Dwapara yuga SriKrishna additionally unfit to murder him.

Rahu and ketu these are devas they are really against Srivishnu, after samudramanthana, Srivishnu guillotined Rahu and ketu these both really against lovers of Srivishnu as it were. Grahadosha regularly impacts fans of Srivishnu just , Reason Rahu and Ketu are consistently against Srivishnu as it were.

Srivishnu Devotees love Srivishnu and master Shiva additionally beacause of above explanation .



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