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Shankar jangale

student | Posted 24 Nov, 2018 |

why europe is called the peninsula of peninsulas ?


tech blogger | Posted 08 Dec, 2018

Peninsula essentially means a body that is surrounded by water body on three sides. Though Europe is connected to the continent of Asia on the eastern side, it is surrounded by water on all the other sides. Europe is called the “peninsula of peninsulas” because it is an elongated and small appendage to Asia. Europe is a colossal peninsula that is composed of smaller peninsulas on all sides.
An enormous part of Europe is made up of peninsulas. Hence, it has earned the name of “peninsula of peninsulas” due to the presence of many peninsulas around. Continents of Asia and Europe Together form the Eurasian landmass. The Europe continent sticks out from the western tip of the Eurasian Landmass. Altogether this entire region looks like a giant peninsula. Europe is composed of many peninsula is like Balkan Peninsula, Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavian peninsula, Attican Peninsula, Italian peninsula, Thracian Peninsula, Peloponnesian Peninsula and many. The presence of so many peninsula is together has given Europe its nickname- Peninsula of Peninsulas. The presence of so many peninsulas is indeed a geographical feature that makes Europe unique among other continents in the world.