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Kuldeep Giri

Teacher | Posted on | Science-Technology

Why india dont have advanced technology mobile companies india??


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Beyond IITs, BITs and NITs, India doesn’t have many good institutes.

Besides AIIMS, the country doesn’t even have any good healthcare establishment. 

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Education and healthcare—these two are essentials. We lack in them! Unfortunately. We are skilled labours, not innovators. 

So, are you really surprised that India doesn’t have advanced technology mobile companies??? 

Technology, in our country, is still linked to leisure and far-fetched future. So, when we don’t have education, healthcare, poverty, homelessness, and hunger on the priority list—do you think one would care about something that’s treated as leisure? 

Let’s talk about Micromax for instance!! A leading homegrown smartphone company that made quite many headlines 4-5 years back. Where is it now? At a time when “make in India” and “Startup India” campaigns were the words on the street, the eerie silence from the brand for a couple of years is quite surprising! 

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It’s likely that Micromax is choking to the high competition coming from phone-makers of China, America, and South Korea. BUT WHY? 

Perhaps because it didn’t get the right infrastructure and growth culture that a company needs to be the next big thing in the industry. Because it didn’t get the skilled teams that were needed to build something big. 

Or, most importantly, perhaps because the board members and executives, rather like typical Indian bosses, had/have different primacies—and they never cared about the brand (and employees). 

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that top executives in our country earn 243 times more than average staff? 

(According to a report on Livemint, Indian CEO salaries have outpaced performance in the last 5 years.) 

So, perhaps Micromax’s leadership were much like many other Indian business leaders—uncompetitive, un-attentive to employees, and no vision for the company. 

This is a prime example of why India doesn’t have advanced technology mobile companies. Because it never was on one’s priority. No one cared— not the founders, not the government, and certainly not the end-consumers like you and me. 

In short, to be politically incorrect, we don’t have the will. Period.


Junior engineer at uflex | Posted on

Becuase we indian are obsessed with sone big and famous brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, etc.

We are not moving towards where the innovation will start but towards the end from where we can't step out.

Just a matter of fact, Indians are the most possible citizens that works in IT and related fields and companies all around the world but we don't want to think out of the box. And even if we try to think, the market demand will never meet the requirements.


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