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sushil seo

digital marketing | Posted 19 Nov, 2018 |

Why India’s red notice requests gather dust?

siddharth sundriyal

Journalist ( News Analyst and Web Writer ) | Posted 29 Nov, 2018

The motive behind Red notice is to ask the international bodies tp drag out the fugitives that have ran to a different country. India’s constant request for Interpol to allow them to take necessary action against fugitive like Vijay Mallya Zakir Naik aur Mehul Chowksi who have done multiple billion dollar scam on political and religious level i India and now are hiding in foreign countries behind the safety of international laws.

The reason behind delay of India red notice request is that in recent year multiple global bodies have applied for same request and Interpol has quoted that most of the personal facing these allegation were tried to be pressurized on terms of political , religious aor military terms thus killing the freedom of expression .
Even with different backing evidence and charge sheet with witness testimonials provided by CBI ,NIA and ED officials it is still not clear till when the government of India will be able to drag all these fugitive under its jurisdiction.