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sid blogmarketing

Blogger | Posted 20 Nov, 2018 |

Why India Second Most Polluted Country In The World ?

siddharth sundriyal

Journalist ( News Analyst and Web Writer ) | Posted 29 Nov, 2018

 In 2016 World Health Organisation i.e WHO release it   worldwide Air Pollution Database which showed 14 out of 15   most polluted cities in world are from India. Yes it a major   outcry for the nation that needs to be dealt in a strategic way,   but the question arise “why are we the 2nd most polluted”   even  after being the fastest growing economy of the world.   Answer is every country in its growing stage goes through   same path until they get really rich enough to afford clean   themselves. Comparing with western countries India is thrice   the volume of population then them that is boosting the   pollution process but them rich enough to sustain its pollution   problem.

 The biggest problem we as a country if facing is the problem of   sudden population boom, thus leading in increase rate of pollution for us only. Usage of coal, biomass and excessive number of vehicles on road have also created a huge drift in today's atmosphere. In order to counter and to provide better affordable means to public government of India is trying its best for modes of sustainable development. Introduction of Metro-Train for urban mode of transportation to kill the volume of vehicles on road, availability of LPG cylinder for rural households and extensive research and development in the field of Solar energy for clean source of energy.