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Ruchika Dutta

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Why Indian wives tolerate cheating husbands instead of opting for divorce?


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In India, husbands are given the status of a god, and some women literally worship their husbands. The rest are supposed, even forced, to worship theirs.

Having said that, the woman whose husband has died is seen as a person whose god has left her and hence she is worthy of no happiness. If you remember your school History lessons, Rajput women were forced to commit Sati (a ritual of burning themselves in the funeral pyre of their husbands) after their husbands’ death.

Being born as a woman in a country with such psychology and history, even the idea of getting separated from her husband can send the chills to her spine. So obviously, divorce that too from the side of the wife is one of the many taboos of our conservative and traditional Indian culture.

When I told my parents that my husband is cheating on me and that I want the divorce, my parents gave me the usual “log kya kahenge” and “ab vo hi tumhara sab kuch hai” kind of replies. For Indian parents, daughter is a burden. Once relieved from it, no one wants to endure it again.

Some of my relatives said that it’s because of the degrading appearance of mine that I am unable to keep my husband loyal to me. They even advised me to “lure” him back, the way the female protagonist in the Bollywood movie “Biwi no. 1”. Such a hilarious and ridiculous advice! I wonder when Bollywood would stop glorifying all the wrong things happening in our society.

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There were many advices at my service, but none of them suggested me to go for the divorce. Some said it will involve legal procedures which can cost me a world. Some said that I should at least think about my children and their custody after I get separated from my husband.

My friends asked me what would I do if he married the woman he is cheating me with, and what would happen to my financial security.

Each and every one of my relatives, family, and friends counted for me, the disadvantages I would be getting from this divorce, and saw the whole situation as if my husband won’t be having anything to lose in all this. The ultimate loss, with or without the divorce, was only and only mine.

I am still unhappily married.

I hope you have got your answer.


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