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ashutosh singh

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Why is abusing Hindu gods and Hindus becoming a trend?


teacher | Posted

There are two purposes for this:
  • They need moment notoriety.
  • They realize that they can undoubtedly pull off it.  
How about we make it more understood.
Did you actually find out about "Moment Fame"?
Indeed, in the event that you did, you definitely know the appropriate response.

Did you think about any of them previously?
80% of individuals must've found out about Agrima Joshua after her contention. The equivalent goes for Munawar Faruqi and some other "alleged professional comics". Presently returning to the inquiry that for what reason do they mock Hindus and Hindu religion?
Indeed, they discover it as an alternate way to get distinction in a short time.They realize how to utilize individuals' estimations and convictions for their own benefit. This is the sole motivation behind why Agrima Joshua got well known, she hasn't done anything like a parody rather she slandered it. It is in reality appalling that the meager line between being out and out ignoble and stand up satire appears to be quick blurring.
Presently going to the subsequent point.
As all of you realize that offending Hinduism has become another leisure activity of these supposed jokesters. All things considered, as indicated by me jokes ought not be focused at a solitary religion alone on the grounds that it is sheltered to censure them. Our purported comics must be sufficiently valiant to make jokes on each religion, you know"equality".I have likewise observed a portion of our mainstream humorists presenting statement of regret letters on Christian Padres and some of them really erased their record for making jokes on "other" religion. They don't do likewise for Hindus.They never apologize (some of them did) on the grounds that they realize that they can undoubtedly pull off it.
Presently after this in the event that we decide to protest them, we'll be tended to as "Bhakts", "BJP IT cell", bigoted and so forth.
As a matter of fact, these supposed joke artists need to get familiar with the genuine meaning of "satire" from Anubhav Singh Bassi, Akash Gupta, Abhishek upmanyu.
This is the point at which we have to join together and stand firm. Blacklist them. Quit viewing their recordings. Quit concentrating on them (troublesome however yet isn't unimaginable ).
This is the least I can request that somebody do.

~A Proud Hindu.



Blogger | Posted

No one is manhandling Hinduism.

Hinduism is one of the most reformist religions I've ever experienced. The exemplification of solidarity, Shakti, is female. The best warrior, arjuna, dressed in drag as a lady for some time when he was secluded from everything. The pandavas were completely hitched to one lady. Shikandi was an incredible ***** warrior. One of hinduism's establishing standards is "Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu."

At that point why the disdain against Hindus?

Harking back to the 1940s, Gandhiji once said that he cherished Christianity however abhorred Christians. That is similar issue with present day Hindus. Present day Hindus indiscriminately follow conventions without understanding the way of thinking behind it. What was at one time a culture of acknowledgment has now gotten one of contempt.

Individuals getting killed for eating meat by the RSS. Whipping and executing individuals while yelling "Jai Shri Ram". Calling any individual who restricts bjp an enemy of public and requesting that they go live in Pakistan. Did u folks overlook our head administrator was prohibited from entering the US for his hand in the gujarat riots? A few nitwits acclaim Godsey for killing Gandhiji. Some offer altered photographs of Nehru getting ladies. There are accounts on instagram called "common slayer". Why would that be? Is secularism wrong? Should India be a Hindu patriot nation? What abt Muslim, Christian, sikh, Jews, and so forth? Would it be a good idea for them to all leave this nation that was based on the hard labor of their predecessors? Under all these disdain wrongdoings commited by enthusiasts for the sake of religion, the demonstrations of good Hindus go unnoticed or disregarded. I have a ton of hindu companions and they are the same as my Muslim or Christian companions. We are for the most part human all things considered. Few out of every odd Muslim is conceived psychological militant. Only one out of every odd hindu is brought into the world fan. Except if u criticize the abhorrent, this strain will proceed.

I know a significant number of u will raise the demonstrations of psychological oppression commited by Muslims or the outrages Christians commited in world war two. All that isn't right as well. Yet, the inquiry posed to was about Hindus, so I just referenced about them.

I likewise realize that the rss has a Muslim wing. However, no one knows or cares abt it as it isn't dynamic in the political circle, so that doesn't generally roll out an improvement.

I likewise realize that congress is degenerate and just cares abt family governmental issues. Be that as it may, discoloring the name of the individuals who establish the framework for an autonomous India is unsatisfactory. Furthermore, given the decision between a criminal or an executioner, I'll pick hoodlum.


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