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shweta rajput

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Why is Bollywood always anti Brahmin and southern movies always pro Brahmins?


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This is a portion of a more noteworthy connivance to destabilize Hinduism all in all.

I would already be able to hear individuals calling me sanghi/bhakt/and so on in the remarks.

Any religion is spoken to by it holy class. The Papacy for the Catholics, the Maulvis for the Muslims, the Brahmins for the Hindus. Thusly the most ideal approach to debilitate a religion is to assault this class.

This was a methodology received by the British. They derided the Brahmins and discounted Hindu customs as odd notions. They depicted them as the culprits of wickedness. This was supported by the preachers as it helped their fervent exercises. Whole people group were changed over to Christianity to 'assist them with getting away from the insidious Brahmins'. This account sold well, and abruptly the supporters of Christianity started to rise.

Today, a similar technique is applied by Bollywood, just with various objectives. The objective of destabilizing Hinduism and advancing irreverence among the Hindus of India.

How might Bollywood gain from this one may inquire.

It is normal information where the subsidizing of lion's share Bollywood creations originates from. There is a motivation behind why Aamir Khan met the First Lady of Turkey, a nation which has scrutinized India's case over Kashmir. There is a motivation behind why big names continuous Dubai and other center Eastern nations. Their financers profit by the debilitating of India, and you don't conflict with the individuals who store you.



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