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Why is Shirley Temple famous?


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Google Honor Hollywood Icon Shirley Temple 


A doodle was created of Shirley Temple by Google on Wednesday. On this day in 2015, she was honored with her rare memorabilia at Santa Monica History Museum. At the museum, Love, Shirley Temple an exhibit was opened. 

Today Shirley is featured as a diplomat and an award winning actress and also as a young dancing girl. 


 Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Black was born on 23 April, 1928 an American actress, also a singer and a dancer. She was known as Hollywood's number one child actress and also was a big hit at box office from 1934-1938. In her adulthood, she was given the title of ambassador of Ghana in the United State of America. She has also served the country as Chief of Protocol of the United States of America. 

Shirley began her acting career when she was three years old in 1931. As soon as she stepped into Hollywood she was a big star and achieved international fame through Bright Eyes. After some years in Hollywood and television she launched herself in diplomatic in 1969. Shirley was appointed to be a representative from the United States to represent at the United Nations General Assembly. She has been also awarded with numerous awards like Kennedy Center Honor and Screen Actors Guild lifetime achievement award. She was also a legendary American actress on the screen. 


Shirley Temple's Film Career 

Jay Gorney first noticed Shirley at her dance classes and gave her the chance for a trial at a screen test. Shirley was appointed for the Stand Up and Cheer movie by Fox Films. Shirley has given life to the role which she had played in her whole film career. She was featured in comedy-drama, sentimental and melodramatic scenes. Shirley's most of the films were taken as the example of hope and optimism. 


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