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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted 20 Aug, 2018 |

Why is the dropout rate among tribal students higher?

Abdul Malik

News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted 31 Aug, 2018

The reason is not one and singular. And governmental policies being the main culprit has already been discussed. Tribal students, according to the reports, face more difficulties, even as compared to the students belonging to Scheduled castes.

The problems of the tribal students are more practical and urgent. While the current reservation is already criticized by the students of general categories, the ST students to find it enough, and rightly so.

This gap is perspectives is enough to tell that what tribal students suffer is unknown to many. When the whole country is heading towards infrastructural development, these tribal students have to walk miles to attend schools. The unavailability of basic facilities like water is also a matter of concern for these students.  

While some tribal parents can’t afford the schools in towns and cities, some parents are even unable to send their kids far away from home across forests and rivers.

Meetali Asiwal

Thinker | Posted 20 Aug, 2018

Our government, it seems, has not left any page upturned when it comes to making policies under “Education for All”. But there is a certain flaw in these policies. According to the students and activists, the policies made by the government at the Center, are detached from ground reality.

The most basic educational policy of the government, Reservation, has also failed to make education accessible to all evenly. It is because of poor facilities in Educational institutions in the regions like Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tripura, etc. It is due to these reasons that tribal students are suffering the most in terms of education and job opportunities.

Despite so many educational policies, tribal students feel that they are not getting quality education and this is becoming a hindrance when it comes to job opportunities. In some tribal areas, there are no schools, and where there are schools, there are no teachers.

• There are poor hostel facilities at residential government schools.
• Due to unavailability of basic necessities like clean water and ceiling fan, many students return home and stop studying.
• Schools being located in far off places causes problems for girls in terms of safety.
• Some children need to travel miles through forests to attend schools.

(Courtesy: indiatoday.in)