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Prashant Kumar

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Why the government-s anti-Naxal response is a failure?


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Indian governments, however even America neglected to battle the Vietnam war against a comparative Naxilate type circumstances! Toward the end the US left Vietnam loosing a great many their soliders! The issue with Naxilate issue is, they work in the insides of thick woods ,which they know about ,while our soliders battle to get in. They utilize several guerrilla strategies to cut the security powers by assaulting them from trees , shrubberies and so on.


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(source: newsajtak)

The state of Chhattisgarh itself becomes an enormous news once it involves naxal terror within the state. each month range of individuals from the force or the localities square measure killed by this terror attack like 5 force personnel were killed within the Feb twenty eight attack in Dantewada district, sixteen folks as well as eleven happiness to the Central Reserve law enforcement agency, four happiness to the state police and a civilian were killed on March eleven in Sukma district. 

(source:- timesofindia.com) 

With the Lok Sabha elections starting in but a month, these attacks would be connected to extremist intent to intensify violence and demonstrate an ideological opposition to the political method within the country.
Like any counter-insurgency operations, success in anti-Naxal operations ought to fulfil bound policy, strategic and military science necessities. Government has conjointly enforced several ways by the safety specialists however the result's failure. 
The Governments have enacted many laws to empower themselves to combat Naxals. The West Bengal Government enacted the West Bengal (Prevention of Violent Activities) Act 1970 to arm itself to repress the insurrection. No specific national act has been enacted thus far specifically to counter the Naxal movement, however varied 'anti-terror' acts are wont to curb Naxal violence and too typically , to focus on sympathizers by stamping them as Naxalites.
However, in-spite of the government's muscle power and legal teeth, the Naxal movement has continuing to unfold its base as a result of the agricultural poor and burdened determine with its ideology. In different words, its origin, ideology, unfolds and sustenance is deeply unmoving in socio-economic factor.

 But currently the government is making an attempt to represent an 'Empowered cluster of Ministers' to counter the matter of Naxalism headed by the house minister and choose chief ministers. the government beneath the Unlawful Activities interference Act (UAPA), 1967 amended in 2004 has illegal the Communist Party of Asian nation (Marxist-Leninist) - People's War and everyone its associated formations, and also the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) and its front organizations.26 the government has additionally deep-rooted a Task force which can comprise of Nodal officers from the Naxal affected areas and officers from the IB, SSB and also the CRPF. Let’s see however so much they will gained the success.


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