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Why We Need to Look Hard at the NGOs- Flaws?


Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission Councellor | Posted on

As we all are aware the NGO does good work for the society, people, animals and other needed ones. The united nation development program has estimated around 37000 and more NGO’s working in different parts of the countries.
NGO’s face many challenges during the course of there work which is easy to discuss but hard to help and implement towards them. Some of such causes of their hardship work are:- 
• Lacking of funds:- this issue arises due to insufficient donors who can contribute some donations to their cause. Due to this the NGO might suffer from a general lack of project, organizational and financial sustainability.
• No governmental Assurance and help:- Even the government doesn’t plan any financial help for them which land them in improper functioning.
• Poor Networking:- Poor or disorganized networking is another major challenge, as it can cause duplicated efforts, time inefficiencies, conflicting strategies and an inability to learn from experience.
• Development Approaches:- Many NGOs favor a “hardware” approach to development through building infrastructure and providing services instead of empowering people and institutions locally.

But why do we don’t find trust on The name of NGO, this question arises every time whenever we face any NGO for help. The reason behind this is “Government agency CAPART has recommended registration of 159 FIRs against various NGOs for alleged misappropriation or misuse of funds disbursed to them”. Even 15 NGOs were black-listed after they complied with the accounting norms.
Any organization whether its governmental or non governmental works on Trust and Mutual Bond to work they need to gain the trust of the people.  


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