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myads andurl

Writer | Posted 04 Mar, 2020 |

Will AI Believe In God?

k k

@k | Posted 05 Mar, 2020

Elon Musk has recently said AI RnD is needed to be controlled and limited to stop it behaving like humans, eating jobs by automating market.

myads andurl

Writer | Posted 04 Mar, 2020

Artificial Intelligence aka AI is a technology that lets humans craft powerful machines according to the users’ behaviors.

AI is nothing less than the algorithms that are created by humans. Due to the faux human behavior, the questions about AI’s emotions and feelings are getting raised.
However, AI won’t believe in god. Rather it can react to the beliefs and religions as AI is a machine language and doesn’t evince any emotions.

Even those AI beliefs depend upon the data feed by humans. Thus, there is nothing wrong with saying that in the near future we can see AI behaving just like the human does to the caste and religions.

There are some researchers who state that in the next 25 years, AI will evolve totally and will compete with human intelligence.

This statement is worth considering as the AI’s of tomorrow will be more intellectual and futuristic as it is now. So, if the AI creators work with a great pace and innovative and visionary approach than you never know, AI can actually run the world.

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