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Will the people of Tamil Nadu accept the BJP?


Army constable | Posted

BJP isn't new to Tamil Nadu. Individuals of Tamil Nadu had just perceived BJP previously. By framing union with DMK, BJP had won 4 MLAs in 2001 get together political race. That is the most noteworthy include of MLAs for BJP in Tamil Nadu.

After 2001–2006 period, BJP didn't win single MLA seat or MP seat in the state. Also, the significant purpose for this ruin is, 2002 Gujarat Riot. Gujarat Riot made individuals of Tamil Nadu to think BJP as the Anti Humanity association.

It required over 10 years for BJP to win one MP seat from Tamil Nadu in the 2014 general political decision. Pon Radhakrishnan won from Kanyakumari voting public, with the help from Dravidian parties like MDMK and DMDK.

After 2014, BJP didn't win single MLA seat or MP seat from the territory of Tamil Nadu. Indeed, even Pon Radhakrishnan was not reappointed from Kankyakumari voting public. The explanation for this downfall(downfall from 1) is, BJP's Anti Tamil Nadu plan and BJP's help for ADMK.

Indeed, even in 2021 Tamil Nadu gathering political race, individuals of Tamil Nadu won't give any certain outcome to BJP. Also, the explanation is straightforward, individuals of Tamil Nadu doesn't care for the state to be single hued.

Indeed, larger part of the individuals in Tamil Nadu are Hindus. Yet, BJP can't win in Tamil Nadu. It's all since, individuals of Tamil Nadu accept on comprehensive Hinduism and not BJP's troublesome Hinduthuva.



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