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5 best romantic movies on Netflix


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1. Dear John 

• Year- 2010

Dear John is a Nicholas Sparks story, it tells a tale of a U.S soldier who falls in love with a girl while he’s on a leave or vacation and writes letters to his beloved after he re-enlists. 

2. Blue is the warmest colour 

• Year- 2013

It is a sexually Frank French film which goes into a real details about first love and attractions. The movie is more than three hours long but justifies every minute, the story of the young Adele finding her first serious love and girlfriend is worth watching. The got a lot of appreciation and won the prestigious Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film festival. 

3. The kissing Booth

•Year- 2018

It is one of the most popular romantic movie on Netflix, it based on the life of a teenager who is torn between the loyalty towards her best friend  and romantic yearning towards his brother. Infact, Netflix claimed it to be the most viewed romantic movie of 2018. 

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4. To all the boys: I have Loved before

• Year- 2018

If you want to recapture your love yearning and the awkwardness, embarrassment  and uncomfortable atmosphere that comes with brand new first love. This is the best movie for you to watch, when Lara Jean’s love letters are exposed to her top 5 crushes it brings a tumultuous start to her dating life. It is a Netflix’s original movie based on the YA book series.


5. To all the boys: P.S I Still Love You

• Year- 2020

It is the second instalment of Netflix’s original movie based on YA book series, To all the boys: I have loved before. Lara Jean is dating her true love Peter but still holds a lot of doubts and insecurities when one of her crushes comes back into her life. She goes through a lot of pain and insecurities of having her first boyfriend in ways that will come straight in your face and will seem to be extremely relatable.   


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