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Shashi Kumar

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5 Bloggers Who Started a Blog in 2017 and Survived?


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There hasn’t been any breakout story that we heard as of late. So, it’s really difficult to pinpoint who started a blog exactly in “2017” and are still continuing well.

Certainly, you can look at the article on ProBlogger titled “5 Bloggers Who Started a Blog in 2017 and Survived” here. But it was published last. And in November 2018, it seems quite outdated. In fact, two of the featured blogs’ domain names are already expired. 

So, sorry, there’s no definite answer to your question unless you plan to hunt down the entire web to land the names of five bloggers. 

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Here’s my take though: Blogging is difficult. Or, let me rephrase. Consistent blogging with a business-centric approach is difficult. You hear stories of many successful bloggers getting featured on big publications. 

But a lot goes into their success that many people don’t look. One of their biggest advantages is that they have been on the scene for very long. For instance. Amit Agarwal started labnol.org in 2004. Harsh Agarwal started ShoutMeLoud in 2008. Arun Prabhudesai launched Trak.in. And these are just the Indian names. Even when you look at globally recognized bloggers, right from Darren Rowse to Yaro Starak to Pat Flynn—they have been in the game long enough to enjoy that early-starter advantage. 

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So, just reading their stories and trying to copy their strategies and approach isn’t sufficient there. To start a blog is one thing. To run and grow to a point where it brings you good income—it’s a whole different story. Today, so many bloggers lack consistency. To that, with competition so high in virtually every niche, many of them get so lost on the crowd. 

This is why, except for 100-200 names of bloggers worldwide, you don’t hear many other names. Now, this doesn’t mean that successful bloggers don’t exist. There are thousands and thousands out there. But only a handful of them has tasted the same magnitude of success that majority imagine when starting. 

In short, I can’t recall any break-through name of a blogger who started a blog in 2017 and is still continuing. Sorry!


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