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5 dress ideas you can steal from Sophie Turner-s pregnancy style VOGUEIN


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5 dress ideas you can steal from Sophie Turner's pregnancy style

From soft pink cheeses to pastel tile dresses and black dresses, this mom has been keeping things simple. Here are five looks you can recycle at home
Sophie-Turner — a style of pregnancy — is pregnant.

When news of Sophie Turner's pregnancy started making rounds in February 2020, the Game of Thrones star kept things low with the key down to the details of the reveal, as well as her style. When you look at the street actor's style files, it's not surprising that he retains the familiar vibe during his pregnancy. Ever since the 24-year-old mother was expecting to be seen enjoying the ride with her husband Joe Jonas, fans have found her way out of a pregnancy situation. Expect cozy sweatshirts and oversized shirts worn as dresses, mixed with lunchtime themes and brightly colored dresses. Expectant moms, if you take notes for inspiration, invest in beautiful hoodies and maybe a luxury kimono that will last forever.

Sophie Turner 'dark blue hoodie look is the perfect outfit for being locked out of motherhood
Ever since the news of Sophie Turner's pregnancy started circulating in February 2020, fans have been waiting to get a glimpse
Game of Thrones
the star and her baby
The wait is finally over as
earlier today, after a long time away from the public eye, the star is seen making a trip to Los Angeles, California with husband Joe Jonas. For the outing, items kept for moms will be kept simple for a big black ensemble: a black T-shirt with closets wearing a black skirt with black leggings. It was the white lines worn on the sleeves of his hoodie and the thread of his shirt that made him wear. On the other hand, Joe Jonas opted for a red tea with a blue coat and a black jacket. Scroll down to check out how Sweet Mama who is about to become a mother makes her look off-duty.

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Sophie Turner finished her outfit with black red slides
Comfort is important when one is waiting, and Sophie Turner keeps her smiling easy by choosing a pair of dark red slides for her afternoon. The black mask and black sunglasses finished off her look. To keep her beauty looking delicate, she pulled out a makeup and had her hair tied.

We are expecting ladies, if you are planning to upgrade your maternity wardrobe with something simple and easy to choose, a black look like this is a must have. Act like Sophie Turner and throw in a black sweatshirt to really get it cool. Love the way her baby dresses here? Go through our edit below to take a look at the look of the exact same now.

Sophie Turner’s smooth purple dress makes for a great relaxing outfit for expectant moms
If you've been in tune with Sophie Turner's pregnancy style, you'll know that her mantra is now 'comfort first'. From soft pink cheeses to pastel tile dresses and black dresses, this mom has been keeping things simple.

Recently, the 24-year-old appeared on a series with Christian Wood hair assistant recently introduced to discuss her skincare status, beauty tips and favorite products. In addition to her pre-baby light, Turner has also caught his eye with the encounter: a purple silk dress covered in colorful text, provided with the highlight of a video chat. A silhouette with a compartment above the house is ideal for wrapping up your loungewear and hanging out without feeling too restrictive. In case you missed the episode, grab it below, and get the same look outfit you can order online right away.
Sophie Turner accessorized her printed dress with minimal gold jewelry.



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Sophie Turner finished her outfit with dark and red shoes

Solace is key when one is expecting, and Sophie Turner kept her look simple by picking dark and red fluffy slides for her evening out. A dim veil and dark shades finished her look. Keeping her excellence look whine free, she ventured out sans cosmetics and with her hair tied up.

Anticipating mothers, in case you're wanting to redesign your maternity closet with something basic and nice picks, an all-dark appear as though this one is an unquestionable requirement have. Do like Sophie Turner and toss on a dark sweatshirt to truly get comfortable. Love the wonderful way she dressed her child knock here? Experience our alter underneath to clergyman a comparable maternity look now.


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