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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

5 reasons why India-s fight against coronavirus is set to get nastier?


I will give both of you models from New Delhi.

One of my companions is a focal government representative. Two days ago, I cautioned her with respect to the reality of Coronavirus and persuaded her to educate her seniors that she won't seek seven days. On the off chance that in the event that you are pondering, Delhi lockdown doesn't make a difference to Grade A representatives in focal government (at any rate, till now).

She called her senior.

She: Sir, I won't have the option to come for the current week because of the ongoing advancements in the coronavirus pandemic…

Senior: See, in the event that your seniors are coming, at that point you are relied upon to come as well. Plus, you are youthful and coronavirus isn't hazardous for youngsters.

She: I know. However, in the event that I get contaminated, at that point there is a high possibility that the disease may go to my folks and I can't hazard their lives. It would be ideal if you attempt to comprehend.

Senior: Dear, even I have diabetes yet at the same time I will come. We have just made sterilization game plans in the division. You don't have to stress.

She: I am extremely unfortunately I won't have the option to come. I can't put my folks' life in danger. In the event that there is any dire work, I can be reached by means of mail, WhatsApp, and Skype.


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The reasons are evident… And you don’t even need to be an expert to see and understand them.

ONE: We still don’t have adequate health infrastructure that’s tailored for COVID-19. The politicians would tell you otherwise, but this is a hard reality. Go beyond the headlines and listen to the little stories; you’ll hear people struggling to get beds even when they are ready to pay money for that.

TWO: The doctors are still unequipped and insufficiently trained. They don’t have PPE kits; the junior doctors and staff at the hospitals aren’t properly trained to handle corona cases. Due to this, even if one person is exposed to this virus, the entire team has to be quarantined; even hospitals have been shut due to such scenarios. We have seen many such stories. The country already has fewer medical professionals. Things like these, which will inevitably happen when the number of cases increases, will put a hefty burden on the system.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Time Magazine)

THREE: There’s no answerability on the part of the government. Go to the ministers’ Twitter feed and you’ll get an idea that everything is perfect. Question them and you’ll come off as a “negative” person; anti-nationals in the worst-case scenario. Unless accountability is held, the governments won’t be as serious as needed in tackling this pandemic.

FOUR: The government believes media management will help control the pandemic. We’ll see!!

FIVE: Too much politics. Even in such grave situations, it’s sad that our politicians are still at it. The BJP sees West Bengal, doesn’t see Gujarat. Congress sees Uttar Pradesh, it doesn’t see Rajasthan. When the model of Kerala should’ve been followed, the bogus model of Agra was tossed. When hundreds of buses arranged by Congress should have been accepted (even if it wasn’t 1,000), Yogi sarkaar declined the offer. Too much continuous politics on this pandemic will make things worse in the coming days.

(Courtesy: Livemint)

Did you ask for 5 reasons? Here are 5 more:

SIX: A large population of this country who have a home and money to afford foods for months without working, they are still silent. The fact that these people didn’t care to ask “what now” after religiously following the Taali and Thaali tasks, it’s ludicrous. The fact that they remained hushed in the ongoing migrant crisis, the fact that they didn’t demand PPE for the doctors for whom they lit candles – the population of this comfortable crowd is a big sign we’ll see things get nastier. At a time when the country needs its citizens the most, it has got a crowd of followers.

SEVEN: Lack of testing. Yes, they can tell us that over one lakh tests are being done daily but they forget to give other important numbers. India is the second most populated country in the world. Now ranked in the top 10 countries with the highest number of corona-positive cases, India’s test-per-million remains one of the lowest in the world. (Source)

EIGHT: The government failed migrants. These people are returning to their villages. And the impact is already evident. There’s a rise in the number of cases in the rural areas. In the coming days, this might become worse.

NINE: Markaz, Pakistan, Dawood, China, Hindu-Muslim – There are just too many “issues” that Indians are being entrapped in by the mainstream media. This will hurt us badly. Right now, all of the attention should be on combating the pandemic, not in serving to the propaganda.

TEN: The failing economic front will have worse repercussions. We have only seen the migrants right now. Once the middle-class starts coming out to “get back to business”, seek jobs, to feel like it’s normal – once their savings are done and they need to make a living – the number of cases will spike.

 (Courtesy: BloombergQuint)

Need more reasons? There are plenty more!

This was the time when ministers and political leaders should have made a statement with responsible and proactive management of the pandemic. When the whole country was ready to come out and do the thaali task, it was a sign that it’s looking for a leader to navigate it in the right direction, out of COVID-19. Sadly, it didn’t pan out that way. We wasted 60 days. (Don’t believe we wasted this time? Just look at the topics the Prime time shows on News Channels covered in the past 2 months. You will know how deviated the entire nation was. The nation should have wanted to know about PPE kits and doctors and the South Korea model; the nation ended up wanting to know about Imran Khan and Maulana Saad.

Now, we’re in Unlock phase 1 with little preparations. Things are about to get nastier.

June is going to be a bad month. A lot of lives will be lost. And those who survive, they wouldn’t survive without the mental trauma.

The country should now know better: When it comes to your life, avoid looking at the minsters and leadership. They wouldalways be muddled in politics. Wearing a mask is the best and most important step here. This worked in Japan – and it can work in India. 


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