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Trishna Dhanda

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A study has revealed that Children Spread Coronavirus -more efficiently- than adults, what do you think?


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Many people may say that the fact 'Children spread coronavirus more efficiently than adults' is a topic of debate. But here we will talk only about the facts that prove the truthfulness of the above-quoted statement.

No one can stop children from shouting, coughing, sneezing. So the droplets carrying viruses come out of the nasopharynx of the children. These children carry the covid virus a hundred times more than the adults. Here children of age group 5-17 years have been compared with the adults of 18 and above. They both carry the same amount of Covid virus. Surprising. Right! But it is what is happening.

But here is a contrary to the fact according to the Manuscript of Toronto: Around March, the grocery store, pharmacies, newsstands were only open and school, colleges, universities were all closed. So here arises a question: how was the corona still growing at that time?

On the other hand, the youngest ones are the main transmitters of the virus according to the Chicago reports. They researched the same. They made a study under which they determined how much SARS-CoV-2 remains concentrated in the nasopharynx and upper throat that is linked with the nasal passages of the children and the adults.

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According to the research done by the Toronto: there is no doubt children are not very prone to covid but it has been studied that children of age group around 14 spread the virus to children of other age groups and adults even. Yes, friends, adults do not transmit the covid virus as much as children do.

And if the fact is practically true, the closure of schools, colleges, and universities may be able to control the spread of coronavirus.

We are not judgemental towards the fact that young kids may spread Covid-19 more efficiently. But there is nothing wrong with taking precautions much before the covid spreads more.


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