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Akshay Singh

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Best Voice Chager Android Apps for Prank??


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We have moved far ahead from recording and tracing calls. Now we are using the technology for mimicking others’ voice and how!


Playing pranks on friends is no more a children’s thing. We all crave for one or the other voice changer app to help us do that. All of these apps however, are not up to the mark. So having the most suitable voice changing app is still a kind of challenge. Here are some of the best voice changer android apps that you can try.

1. Fake-a-call

The name itself tells its tale. The app allows you to make fake calls without any chance of recognition. Fake calls are usually ignored by people, but with this app you can be assured of your prank to be successful.

2. Funny call/ Minion Prank Call

It has many voice effects which you can record and check before making an actual call. Its interface is not as good as Fake-a-call but still it’s easy to use and gives many interesting features and effects.

3. Call Voice changer –Intcall:

This app is bound to make you laugh. It changes someone’s voice into something hilarious. Although you have to use a different phone number to call with this app, its voice changing game is just on point.

4. Scare Your Friends:

It makes a horrible picture appears on your phone when your friend is using it with a terrifying sound in the background, and it really can scare the hell out of anyone.


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