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5 Content Marketing Trends 2019 that Many Businesses Ignore

Theres a lot more to content marketing trends in 2019 A lot has changed alreadyand a lot more is expected in the coming months and years So if youre looking to stay ahead in the game not only should you bet more on content marketing but also MUST turn your strategies entirely upsidedown to center them around highquality contents The above mentioned are a few essential tips that your competitors continue to ignorebut you shouldnt .

Sandeep Singh

@ Founder Digitalu | Posted 21 Dec, 2018 | Science & Technology

Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 07 Mar, 2019)

Top 3 Benefits of Quality Content for Your Business

Are you availing the best content writing services in Delhi, which is an importantfactor to boost the online ranking of your website? Well! If you are unsure, let metell you that it adds value to the digital presence and also helps to generate leads.We all known that content is known to be king, …

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The Top 10 Benefits of Content MarketingMore on-site content. ...Higher visibility in search engines. ...Higher domain authority. ...More referral traffic. ...More social traffic (and followers!). ...Increased conversion potential. ...Improved brand reputation. ...Tighter customer/reader relationships.https://www.contactsupportphonenumber.co.uk/yahoo-customer-service.html

Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 15 Feb, 2019)

6 Powerful Lead Generation Tips for B2C

"Hey, give us your email…"

In case if you were living under the rock, such appeals on websites and social media channels don’t work anymore.

• These CTA contents are boring.

• Your proposition isn't clear.

• With spam at high, consumers are skeptic to sign up for anything online.

In fact, …

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Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 31 Jan, 2019)

Top 5 Mistakes That Startups

90 percent of startups fail within 5 years of inception. (Source)

(Courtesy: Flicker Leap)

This number paint the darker picture of the startup ecosystem that we live in. So, just because everyone’s doing it and there seems to be quite a hullabaloo in the mainstream doesn’t necessarily means …

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Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 01 Feb, 2019)

5 Content Marketing Tips Your Competitors Ignore—BUT You Shouldn’t

“Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left,” says Seth Godin. True as it may come, it’s incredibly fascinating how even today many businesses undermine content marketing, frantically chasing search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, and more with an …

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