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Depression: Trials and Tribulations

Post-modern life is often associated with depression and the increasing number of people who are suffering, dealing with, and fighting from it. What they need is awareness and assurance that they are not alone in this.

Preeti Taneja

@ Entrepreneur | Posted 19 Jul, 2018 | Health & beauty

Posted By: Preeti Taneja (Posted 19 Jul, 2018)

How To Prevent Depression (When Everything is Looking Hopeless)

Whether you seem to be sliding down this path or are recovering from this deadly mental illness, preventing depression isn’t an easy task. That feeling of being sad and hopeless becomes so standard that one finds comfort in it. And who wouldn’t want to be in that comfort space even when it is accompanied by misery?!

To fight back the imminent darkness and to keep the approaching depression at bay, one need to take proactive measures of standing-up and saying, “Stop… I deserve a better life!”

Here are 5 powerful tips to prevent this mental state from entering your life – even when everything is looking discouraging and distressing:

1. Spend time at the gym / exercise

It’s a proven fact. Working out releases feel-good hormones inside us, which lead to less tension and stress. So start working out at the gym, if not every day then on alternate days. In a matter of a week, you will start feeling much better and happier. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will boost significantly.

2. Eat healthy food

Eat too much of junk food and it will make you feel lethargic and unhealthy. This could then stem out to make you unhappy. So change your diet. Don’t change what you eat drastically. Simply make few changes—like when you eat, how much sugar you consume, and what’s the nutrient constituent of your food.

3. Go on a walk every morning

When you come in contact with natural light, it will instantly make you feel fresh. Sunlight is one of the best anti-depressants. In fact, studies have found that the more sunlight a city or area gets, the lower its rate of clinical depression. So form a habit of getting up early in the morning every day and hitting your local park for a casual (and relaxing) stroll.

4. Get a good company

Find few people who you can talk to without being judged—people who understand your problems and promise to be by your side in sickness. Find a good friend. If you can’t get one, hit your local social support group meetings. You will definitely find good people there who, suffering themselves, will make you feel at home and comfortable.

5. Find yourself a hobby

Don’t spend all your time working or sitting idle. Get passionate about something. Find that one thing that piques your interest and make you forget all your troubles. It could be anything—writing, reading, singing, dancing, exercising, gardening and more.

6. Start giving

When you help someone, it instantly makes you feel happy. It makes you feel worthy and relevant. So why do this just once? Start giving to people who needs you. Contribute money and your time for the society. Select your favorite volunteering group or identify an issue that you’re most passionate about and then start helping those who needs your extended hand.

7. Sleep sufficiently

Of course, this is quite a clichéd tip, but too important to overlook. You must sleep sufficiently every day to feel fresh and relaxed. So during bedtime, switch off your TV (yes, even if GOT is on!), keep your phone on silent mode, and lull yourself into a peaceful sleep with no distractions. The next day you will wake up feeling much better.

These are 7 tips that will help you prevent depression. Implement them in your life and all your bad will turn into good and discourage into hope.

Remember, how you’re feeling right now, that’s not permanent. You deserve to feel good and happy. And in the coming days, you will get there. Just keep moving ahead.

Posted By: Preeti Taneja (Posted 19 Jul, 2018)

Fight Depression (Without Fighting) With These 5 Non-Regular Tips

Defeating depression isn’t easy. So mingled this mental state gets with our daily lifestyle, curing it feels like filtering life from life. Impossible. No wonder millions of people around the world undecidedly decide to live with this illness, silently, for the rest of their lives. Many of them, of course, decide to end their journey mid-way.

But then again, like the clichéd saying goes – ‘even impossible says I’m possible’.

Are you depressed? Do you think there’s nothing left to your life? Are you too comfortable in your depressive state now that feeling happy sounds like a bad idea?

We understand. I understand. The darkness you’re trapped in, the hardship you go through every day, the loneliness you experience all the time, and the misery you feel every single day of your life—we understand.

Here’s a thing you need to understand: you can’t change your current mental state unless you try and persist to climb out of the labyrinth. At such times, you’re your best help. It is you who needs to take that very first step towards the sunshine. Do it and you will see hundreds of people stretching their arms to pull you out of the darkness?

Yes, it’s going to be tough. Extremely tough. Impossible for many people. But trust yourself to be your own hero. You can do it. Start this curing journey by following these 5 non-regular tips that will help you fight back depression without actually fighting it:

1. Accept You Need Help

One of the biggest problems of our time is that many people don’t even know they are in depression. Others, who do suspect it, they don’t want to admit or accept it as a fact. And then there are many who try to hide their illness. All these are stemmed out of societal values that fail to recognize depression as a serious illness.

To cure your depressive mind, you must first need to accept that something is not right and needs curing. Don’t try to fight back your persisting mental state by being busy, obsessing happy-movies and songs, and working out too much. The first step is to accept you’re in serious problem and requires help as soon as possible.

Remember, you cannot find peace by avoiding life.

2. Avoid People Who Don’t Understand

You’ve been told to talk to people, tell them about your problem, communicate with them, and open yourself up. While as noble the advice is, it’s also incredibly poor or incomplete. Understand, when depressed, talking to people doesn’t help. Talking to RIGHT PEOPLE is what you should look for. If you end up communicating with someone who doesn’t understand your problem or mock your state, these things will only make the situation worse for you.

So instead of talking to everyone or anyone, find someone who’s right for such conversations. A right person is someone who understands depression is a big illness that doesn’t have cure in “you’ll be fine”. The right person is someone who will listen to you without trying to offer you any solution—someone who will lend you their hand to hold for as long as you want.

If you don’t find someone “right”, talk to a therapist then. Or even if you find some good to talk to, talking to a counselor can be much more rewarding.

3. Find One Reason To Live

Indeed, not every depression case has a dead-end to suicidal thoughts. Many people just accept their current state as their fate and they decide to live with all the grief and woes for as long as possible. In any case, regardless the exact stage you’re on, find one reason to laugh, live and be happy. Maybe it’s your parents, spouse, dreams and goals or anything else—all you need is one small simple reason to slay all the other reasons that push you to give up.

4. Breathe The Fresh Air and Hug Nature

When your mind is trapped and the four walls seem to be further entrapping and crushing you, make nature your friend. The bliss that lies in breathing fresh air, bathing in sunlight, letting the wind float your hair, and birds hymn to you is unlike anything else. It’s one of the best medicines ever that can cure the sickest of person.

So embrace the beauty of nature. Hit your local park or forest pathway, go to a beach, or mount the hills. Go anyplace possible that’s not crowded and where you can just relax and let the nature give you a serene therapy. Sit there in the midst, let loose your mind and breathe deeply. All your inner pain will explode into self-reflection. You will cry, you will laugh, and you will act cold. But no more will you feel hopeless.

Make this natural therapy session happen at least twice every week. The result will be evident in no time.

5. Try To Live One More Day (Please)

“Live one more day” put this phrase up where it stays in front of your eyes all the time. Because that’s what you need to do every day. When things are not good, when the situation is becoming even worse, when all the paths are taking wrong turn and when you have lost all the meaning in life, just remember this simple goal you’re tasked for today—live one more day.

These are 5 simple tips (yes, they are simple) that would help you fight depression with open arms. Maybe they won’t show you instant results, maybe you won’t even feel like doing them regularly. But trust me, trust yourself, these bad days will pass. And you will be happy, if not tomorrow or next week then next month or year. Just survive. If it gets tough, have someone by your side. But survive.

Posted By: Preeti Taneja (Updated 19 Jul, 2018)

Depression – Let’s accept it

Imagine your worst day possible. That’s basically the best one for those in depression.

Depression, a disregarded state where sleep is an escape, smile is a pretend, loneliness is preference and crying is mundane. Yet still, the world fails to recognize this fatal illness. Why? Because we’re in habit of un-looking the evident— let alone looking the un-evident!

Predictable it may sound (hey, it’s mandatory), here are few ‘Did You Know’ facts':

• More than 300 million people of all ages, around the world, suffer from depression.

• About 800,000 people die due to suicide each year, a portion of which is triggered by depression.

• In India, 36 percent of Indians are likely to suffer from major depression.

• 1 in 5 people in India need counseling, either psychological or psychiatric.

Now when was the last time did you see a gala or event held to raise fund to help people out of this deadly mental ailment? Never? When was the last time did you see a charity for cancer help? Yesterday? Last week?

Not to take away the severity of cancer (it gets a well-deserving attention), it’s quite perplexing that even with the severity that imprints a large section of the society, depression remains a hushed topic in the mainstream. More so, not only do people NOT talk about this illness, many even fail to recognize it as a problem.

Some believe it’s self-created, others assume it’s like a basic headache that would eventually go away. So is the ignorance of the society, and the lack of understanding on the subject, that even the victims question themselves and the legitimacy of their ill mental health.

Majority of victims fail to distinguish the normal stress level from the depressive state that eventually spirals up to take more lethal physical and mental form that potentially triggers their psychological state to take up violence against others or own-self. (Why do you think there are so many “Are you depressed quiz”?)

Indeed the overall state in this niche is highly concerning. However, what’s even more alarming that even after countless researches, surveys and scientific breakthroughs in regards to depression, we’re snail-ing towards fixing this broken fabric of society.

The issue of depressive state isn’t picked up in the higher education among students, employers pay less heed towards the mental stability of their employees, parents still treat unsteady attitude of their kids as puberty and young sons/daughters consider the loneliness in their parents as regular old-age disorders.

Are you listening?

Yes, you’re depressed and life seems impossible to live. But hold on. If you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot there and hang. Strive to survive for one more day. Life is much more wonderful that spans beyond the 4-walls surrounding you right now. Work hard, persist and have faith—the walls will crack and the sunlight will penetrate through to add definition to your life. It’s bad at the moment – worst, in fact. But it will get better.

Are you listening?

Help that friend who’s suffering from this illness. Don’t mock; don’t underestimate the severity; don’t assume it would go away. Be the help your friend wishes for in silence. Be that shoulder where she/he can rest their head and wait for the brighter days to come. Listen to their woes, don’t offer made-up solution, and listen to their woes some more. The depressed individuals need an empathetic person by their side—they need someone to tell them that it’s going to be okay. Be that person.

Are you listening? Is anybody listening? Who are you? What worldview do you hold of depression? Waiting for help? Willing to help?

Every answer must begin with a basic acceptance. Depression is fatal and requires big attention from every one—just as much as cancer gets.