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Five Important Ways to Secure Your Wireless Network

Netgear genie setup page by going through mywifiext. For this step, you have to install and enable Netgear genie app on all your smart wired and wireless devices.

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@ @letsuser | Posted 03 Oct, 2018 | Science & Technology

Posted By: sushi kumar (Posted 18 Oct, 2018)

Tips for Checking the Status of your Linksys Range Extender

Are you trying to found the Status of Linksys Extender? Do you want an accurate solution to such brain-teaser and maddening issue? Then, you will be glad to know that here on this post you will get an instant result to your maddening problem. Remember, checking the status is essential so that you …

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Posted By: sushi kumar (Posted 12 Oct, 2018)

Handy Tips to Boost up Your Internet Speed

In this modern era, where technology has reached high-heights, it is impossible to move even a single step without internet. Having a speedy and capable WiFi connection is the need of every human being. In this post, we will tell you how you can make your devices connected with each other and also …

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Posted By: sushi kumar (Posted 05 Oct, 2018)

Top 5 Netgear Routers to Buy in 2018

Netgear is a multinational company well-known to produce networking hardware for its users, service providers and, even businessman. On the other hand, its products cover a variety of widely used technologies like wireless extenders, routers, powerline, etc. with a focus on reliability and its …

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123 HP Printer Setup

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Posted By: sushi kumar (Posted 03 Oct, 2018)

Five Important Ways to Secure Your Wireless Network

It is very tough to handle a hacker attack when it is spacious without any security or password into it. Without the wireless security, not only the intruder but anyone gets the authority to get into your network without your permission. That’s call tress-passing, but you are helpless to do …

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Vansh Chopra

Really useful information..thanks!

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Please suggest which wireless device should i use

Ram kumar

Which wifi devices are the best?