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Rakesh Choudhary

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

Briefly Explain The Pros And Cons Of Each Project ??


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

The structure of any organizational project depends on the managerial skills of the whole team and the project manager. Your influence, your authority, and your reach in a certain project decides the fate of the project and also your position in your team and organization. For any project, the first and foremost requirement is a dedicated team, which is controlled by the project manager.


Each project however, has its own pros and cons, as your question suggests:


• It teaches you team spirit, in which number of individuals work towards forming a new identity for themselves.
• Since all the minds are bent to achieve one single goal, your loyalties are checked on every point, by which you learn a lot.
• They improve your project management skills to the highest level.
• If you are the project manager, you are in for many great lessons on leadership.


• It often gives way to the conflicts and clashes.
• The projects can consume huge amount of resources owing to the many team members, which doesn’t leave any room for any other project.
• The project can have sub managers, which demands a lot of communication and patience from each and every person.


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