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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | Food-Cooking

Can we make something interesting with oatmeal (daliya)?


head cook ( seven seas ) | Posted on

Oatmeal (daliya) usually is not prefered either by children or by adults. Food items which are good in nutritional contents are often disliked. And oatmeal is a nutritional and wholesome food for breakfast.

Let me tell you a dish made up of oatmeal or porridge which will win the hearts of all alike. It is Oatmeal Strawberry Pudding.
Oatmeal, Milk, Milk Powder, Sugar, Strawberry, chopped seasonal food
How to make:
• First of all, fry the oatmeal (daliya)) dry in low flame, so that it does not get burnt. Then leave it to cool down.
• After cooling, wash it with clean water. After that, put the washed porridge in a pressure cooker, add 2 cup of water and put it on the gas stove. Apply one whistle.
• Leave it to cool down again.
• After cooling, add milk and sugar to the oatmeal, and boil it.
• When the porridge starts to thicken, add milk powder to it, then let it boil.
• After the mixture gets cooled, put small pieces of strawberry into it.
• Put a little strawberry and chopped fruits in a glass, add half a porridge mixture on it.
• Serve only after cooling down.
(Translated from Hindi by Team Letsdiskuss)