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Abdul Razzaq

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Could more women soldiers make the Army stronger?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

The number of women soldiers in the armed forces in India is extremely low.

In the Indian army, there are 1,561 women as opposed to 41,074 men. In country’s air force, there are 1,594 women and 10,781 men. And in the navy, there are only 644 women, while male counts to 10,652. (These numbers are from 2016 report that was released by the Raksha Rajya Mantri.) 


So, while we recently went all gaga over Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth and Mohana Singh being India’s first women fighter jet pilots, the ground reality paints an incredibly shallow picture where there’s a lot left to want. 

Now, coming to your question whether of now inclusion of women soldiers can make the army stronger—well, it certainly will. (And I am saying this with no favoritism for feminism or obsessive dissent to patriarchy.) 

Men in the army aren’t born that way. They get stronger, courageous and braver through constant training. They work very hard. So, it’s naïve to believe that women, upon going through the same training, cannot achieve the same level of physical and mental excellence. After all, there hasn’t been any research or study (and there never will) that suggests that women are less of a hard worker than men. 

The fastest woman in the world can cover 100-meter in mere 10.70 seconds. Only a year back, an Indian woman brought India’s first world weightlifting championships goal in over 2 decades. They can survive in the wildest situations. They can outlast obstacles. They can fight problems. They can adapt. They can do virtually anything and everything that men can do. 

Women can be better decision-makers. They can be emotionally stronger. They can be sharper. They give life….what else is left? 

With proper training, women soldier can certainly make the army stronger. Why do you believe otherwise?


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