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Nisha Sharma

@letsuser | Posted 18 Oct, 2018 |

Do poor people usually get a poor education?

Malik Umair

blogger | |Updated 20 Oct, 2018

Poor people often get a poor education. But not always. Many variables are known to influence student performance. It's argued that regression analyses have trouble evaluating teacher performance because of strong effects from parental income and 20-30 more variables. This 'wealth' of effects also means that parental income may not determine what a student learns.

Still, poverty can be a large influence, especially if it is coupled with a culture in which parents don't support education, peers don't support education, and students meet few educated successful adults.
As one estimator, consider that the current and immediate previous superintendents of the Rochester (NY) City School District have said that high school graduation rates probably can't exceed 50% until inner city poverty has been solved.

Meetali Asiwal

English content writer | Posted 19 Oct, 2018

Not necessarily. We can say that it is a vicious cycle, escaping from it is not that easy. But once you get your way out, there are a lot of opportunities to grab out there to get a good quality education. All that it needs is will and courage.


Government has come up with a lot of programs, under which poor children are given education free or at very low cost. The problem lies in the awareness at the end of the public, and execution at the end of the authorities. We all are familiar the conditions of government school due to which no parent (no matter how poor he/she is) would want his/her child to study in such school.

Those who tolerate studying in ill conditions and are very bright get very good opportunities in the form of scholarships during their higher studies. But unfortunately, the percentage of such students is very low. Most of the students think that it’s better to drop out and start earning money from the very young age. That’s when they enter the vicious cycle in which even their children would be caught.

So, the answer to your question would be that not all poor people are subjected to poor education, but a large number of them, unfortunately, is.