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manish kumar

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Do the Vedas have scientific facts like the Quran?


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I think the expression "Excellence lies according to onlooker" is well-suited here.


Neither the Vedas/Quran … you can add whatever you like to the rundown have anything which remotely take after a logical certainty (which was hypothesized and demonstrated a couple of hundreds of years after the fact)
Them two (and different writings 1500+ yrs old) contain colossal gibberish, you can decipher it the manner in which you need it.
The essential precept of Quran, I'll come to Vedas later, is presence of Allah. On the off chance that you wish to have faith in one - nobody has an issue, however starting today Allah/Ganesha/Quetzalcoatl have no logical standing.
Vedas - present a considerably more concerning issue, the jibber jabber is significantly more pronounced(mixed in with evident actualities). Add to it the aggregate volume of writings is many occasions over. Discovering all these patterns(scientific realities) in huge assemblage of content is clarified by genuine logical truth called Bonferroni's standard
It says that in the event that you are searching for a particular expression in a huge collection of content, measurably, you will probably think that its given huge assortment of content. For your situation, you were not by any means searching for a particular expression. You were searching for dubious references to what you realize you need to discover.


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