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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | Entertainment

Do you think Pewdiepie can compete with Tseries in the war of biggest Youtube channel?


Blogger | Posted on

Pewdiepie is the best youtuber all aroung the word it is far much better than  Tseries


Thinker | Posted on

I don’t think we can talk about comparing the two. Pewdiepie is just one Youtuber, and Tseries is just a full-fledged music company.


Also, we just can’t neglect the fact that Pewdiepie, despite having lesser number of videos on his channel and joining Youtube later than Tseries, has 66 million subscribers.

“T-Series joined YouTube in 2006 and has released 12,640 videos since. Pewdiepie, who joined the platform in 2010, has 3596 videos to his name”, reports News18.

The whole internet however, is breaking into frenzy because of the news that Tseries (AN INDIAN CHANNEL), is going to take over the Swedish Youtuber Felix Kjellberg’s channel Pewdiepie. While Pewdiepie is not content-specific, T-series is a music oriented channel, and we all know that Youtube’s search algorithms favor musical artists.


In spite of all this, Pewdiepie’s being able to become the biggest Youtube channel is a feat, and no matter he wins or loses this Youtube war, he would always be par comparison.

Twitteratis too have joined the war and are showing their support, others, well, are trolling one channel or the other, whatever is suiting them.

“I don't want t series to overtake pewdiepie because that would feel like you can only become a big channel by being corporate and owned by a company rather than just one creator.” So reads a tweet.

According to the estimations, in the next six months, Pewdiepie’s subscribers would be 71 million, while that of Tseries would reach 85 million. This of course, owes to the big entertainment and technological consumerism that India offers, leaving even the US behind.


So there are a lot of reasons which explain the already clear result of this iconic Youtube war, but despite everything Pewdiepie won’t be losing its position and integrity much, for the reasons have really nothing to do with the Swedish Youtuber’s ability and skills.


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