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Ajay Paswan

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Do you think Rahul Gandhi is becoming a better politician?


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In 2015, Congress President Rahul Gandhi went missing for 60 days. Nobody still knows EXACTLY where he went. However, following this long vacation that he apparently took to “think” and introspect, he changed. He changed a lot. If you ask me, this was a crucial phase when he turned himself from ‘Pappu’ to a Political Player. He became much more vocal, much fiery and much aggravated towards people in terms of communication. This is where News Channels started plugging the ‘Rahul 2.0’ phrase.

Right now, indeed, Rahul Gandhi is a much better politician than what he was when Modi reign started in 2014. He has matured. A lot. He seems to have a decent grasp of problems. He seems to be making big efforts to connect to the masses. And above all, he is now the President of Indian National Congress. This has him with plenty of responsibilities—running one of the largest political countries in the country. So, it was imminent that he improves.

Besides, as an individual, Rahul is growing. You have to be absurd to expect him to rival the political edginess and experience that of Narendra Modi. You can’t expect him to be very smart politically at the age of 45 to run such a large party that is burdened with so many legacies. He’s now 48 years old. He’s growing. And as the days pass, you can bet to see the very best of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. And with all the resources he has – and the opportunities that BJP and RSS are providing him with their decisive politics – he can even outdo Rajeev.

His recent speech at the parliament on the no-confidence motion against the Modi government very well attest to his political maturity and to what heights is he striding towards.

No doubt he’s got to learn a lot.

Oh this hug!!


His wink, following one of the finest speeches from an opposition leader in recent times, did ***** things up and BJP bought media ensured to put this up to cover his speech.

Although I personally didn’t think of it as much of a problem. It was just a maligning and desperate agenda pushed by BJP and its media houses. The wink was pretty cool and honestly, if you look at it in connotation with the political sense, it could actually make Rahul a favorite name among the youth and social media frenzy crowds. There’s no doubt that a large democracy like that of India requires a young leader—a leader who not only pretends to look young but is actually youthful with a different attitude and much better ideas. So chill!

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is speaking more and more on important topics. For example, just recently, he – along with his entire party and other opposition leaders – showed solidarity with RJD in cornering the BJP government in the Bihar shelter home rape controversy. Indeed, the ones in government may call it opportunistic, but he’s in the very right path to emerge as a mammoth-like figure that can derail BJP. If not in General Election 2019, then at least other elections following that.

So, yes, Rahul Gandhi has become a much better politician. And unlike other senior leaders in his own party, he’s much more likable among the masses. Again, he has a long way to go. But at least he’s on right track. It’s a good news for all those who are in the fight against the new type of decisive and hateful politics that this country is seeing as of late.