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Raymond Schoor

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Do you think the Kavanaugh case is blown out of proportion by the feminist media?


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Yes, I do think the whole thing with Brett Kavanaugh is blown out of proportion by the media (and social media) in a sense that he’s NOT THE ONLY powerful individual who holds a key public position.

I mean, the States has a misogynist and pathological sexual offender as the President. Even with all the rage during the election, how did things pan out then?  

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Brett Kavanaugh is not alone. If women do come forward to talk about sexual harassment and misconducts from all powerful men, the number will be astonishing that, for so long, the conformist, male-dominant world has tried to hide. So, picking just on Kavanaugh – who, by the way, has been confirmed by the supreme court, even with all the public outrage – is, sarcastically enough, blown out of proportion by the “feminist media”. 

Coming to the topic really, here’s all that’s in public: 

- A powerful man (federal judge) is accused of sexual harassment and “attempt rape” by two women. 

- A majority of the nation comes forward to support the women and protest against this powerful man. 

- What happens next? Nominated by the right-wing leader, this powerful man gets confirmed to the Supreme Court of the country—the highest institute where he is supposed to bring justice, including for those who have gone through sexual harassments, violence, and misconduct. 

So, the person who’s an offender himself, he’s asked to do justice for victims like his’s. Do you smell the greatest irony? 

(Courtesy: People’s World)

The Kavanaugh case, in its entirety, is not even remotely related to feminism. It’s actually a ploy of male-dominant, right-wing media houses to give this whole issue a feminist spin. How is speaking against sexual harassment feminism? How is taking a stand against sexual offender a feminist issue?!! 

Brett Kavanaugh, even with a woman’s testimony, got confirmed to the Supreme Court. Not to say he’s guilty. He might be clean as he and his supporters have been contesting. The woman might be lying. This is where we need an investigation. This is where FBI should come in. Even the accusing women, Christine Blasey Ford, and Deborah Ramirez, have asked for FBI investigation. But the Republicans have rejected that plea. 

An intensive and quick investigation must have done before confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That’s the least the entire system could have done for these women and all those who are protesting against him. 

My personal opinion is that, with whatever that’s available in the public and how some media channels have broken key stories, the guy is guilty. So many like him have done similar things; he’s not alone. It’s sad that even when the whole nation comes together, so less can be done to deter such powerful people. Kudos to women who are taking on such big names. 

But then again, I could be wrong in the Kavanaugh case. The women could have very well been planted by the Democrats to save the Supreme Court bench “turn right”. A thorough investigation was the only solution. Sadly, the Republicans have refused for that.


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