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sabares waran

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

Effective off page techniques that are cached by Google?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There are two broad motives to focus on off-page SEO:

(i) To get backlinks 
(ii) To spread and build brand value (link-less backlinks— the “new” in the SEO world) 

To achieve these motives, there are literally hundreds of techniques and practices that you can opt for. But then comes the BIGGEST punchline: You need HIGH-QUALITY backlinks; meaning to say, your website needs to be associated with high-quality websites. Because not all backlinks and mentions are of the same value. Some deliver higher benefits, others not only NOT do any good but actually harm your website’s position. 


For instance, a backlink from websites like HuffPost can bring you higher organic traction. But if you get a backlink from a shady, less-known website, your ranking might get hurt. (This is why Google’s disavow links tool exist; so, you can tell Google to ignore selected backlinks for ranking purposes.) 

This new take of high-quality and relevancy completely eliminates the application of many off-page SEO techniques. For instance, directory submission – a very prevalent off-page practice back in the day – usually leads to very poor-quality backlinks. Link farming, article submission, forum posting, local listing, press release submission, classified submission and so much more—all these usually result in very bad-quality link building, which, today, does more harm than good. 

So, you want high-quality (and relevant) backlinks. The easiest and proven way to do this is to start guest blogging. This off-page SEO technique virtually guarantees you greater rewards. 

Start by creating a list of reputed websites in your niche that offer guest blogging opportunities. Browse through what they are looking for in their guest posts, pitch your idea and then write for them. Remember, focus on providing real value to the readers. You’re representing your brand here; so, you must put your best foot forward. Focus on getting back links should come as secondary. 

Write good guest articles, include your own blog’s link wherever it fits, talk about your brand in the by-lines. Consistency with this technique guarantees you a good result and better ranking on Google. 

Note, many websites will reject your pitches. And you will hear lots of “no”. It’s okay. Don’t be disheartened. Keep pitching to relevant, high-quality websites. Connect to those websites’ authors and content teams on social media platforms. Talk to them. Display them your website/portfolio. Such backed approach will put you in their good books, which will increase the likelihood of your guest blog pitches getting selected. 

In short, today, guest blogging is the best off-page SEO technique. Period. Do it and it guarantees you the desired outcome. 

Other off-page SEO measures include creating (and optimizing) your ‘Google My Business’ page, getting service/product reviews and feedbacks on top websites, getting featured by someone on their website, and PPC ad campaigns. 

Influencer marketing, too, has become very popular today. You connect with influencers in your niche and then propose them a deal. It could be anything. Like, them talking about your product/brand on their website, them interviewing you and them quipping your statements in their articles. Indeed, this will cost you quite a few bucks; the bigger the influencer, the bigger the price. 

These are few good off-page SEO techniques that will help you rank high on Google SERP. Personally, I will bet all my money on guest blogging.


student | Posted on

Basically Off-page is used to get backlinks to your website and getting traffic to your website.

Some best off-page techniques are:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Forum submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Link Building
  • Guest posting
  • Article submission


Digital Marketing Company | Posted on

Off-page activity is the best way to build backlinks and improve your website ranking.

Broken Link Building

Social Networking

Social Bookmarking

Content Marketing

Questions & Answers

Forum submission

Guest posting

Brand Mentions

Classified submission

Video submission

Image sharing 


Student | Posted on

Some of the effective off page techniques that are cached by Google are:

1. Social Bookmarking

2. Forums submission

3. Directory submission

4. Article submission

5. Press Release


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