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The first two movies of M Night Shyamalan’s comic book-based Trilogy, Split and Unbreakable, had their own charm and the potential to mesmerize the audience. (Courtesy: MovieWeb)In all these years, however, the same audience who was once intrigued by the superhero grandeur presented before them has fed itself on the extraordinary servings of Marvel and... Read More

By Aayushi Sharma (Content Coordinator)

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Which is the best laptop to buy under 30,000 Rs.?

Anonymous | Posted 18 Jan, 2019

There are no fixed guidelines by which it can be determined which are the best laptops under Rs. 30000. You need to check and compare the various specifications and the user reviews to get a fair idea of which laptop to opt for. For a long time, I have used HP and Dell laptops and it is safe to say that they are highly durable. ... Read More

By Amit Kumar ()

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Well, this popular sitcom ended decades ago but its craze is as much today as it was earlier.Many would say that so much has been written and said about this show, that there is hardly anything left to know. Well! If you think this, you are probably wrong. You can dig as deeper... Read More

By Jessy Chandra (Fashion enthusiast )

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