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In theories, there are hundreds of ways to save money. But, of course, applying them first-hand is easier said than done. My first and foremost important tip is ‘ not to spend on something just because your colleague/ peer/ friend/ neighbor did it. Never spend on society’ approval! “ That being said, here are eight smart and practical ways to save... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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I am not sure if I understand the question correctly. You have an image with friends, you want to upload it on Instagram along with a caption. Did I get that correctly? (Hopefully, yes!) (Courtesy: popsugar)I believe, if you want to caption a happening image of/with friends, it really depends on the kind of bond you share with them. For instance, if... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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Is Narendra Modi the best Indian Prime Minister ever?

Priya Gupta Working with holistic nutrition.. | Updated 27 Jul, 2018

Narendra Modi is a decent PM there is no uncertainty about it.The careful strike in the LOC demonstrates that he has clear thought how to stop invasion. In this world the hypothesis of non arrangement does not go.You need to go either towards the Russians or towards the USA. Russian provided us with ..Read More

By mfa gberihwa (BLOGGER)