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Well, for one thing it is indeed a happy news for Indians and for those who are into Indian web series. And for another, it is worth pondering why Radhika Apte and no one else? Remember when the actress was getting brutally trolled for... Read More

By Meetali Asiwal (Thinker )

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What are some of the best ways to decorate a room?

Stephanie Wight Blogger(home improvement) | Posted 24 Oct, 2018

Cover walls with beautiful tiles Opt tiles with the colour of your choice and decorate most of your house walls with them. Decorative tiles, like those having eye-catchy patterns, ..Read More

By Good Ease (Marketing Executive)

There many Internet Marketing Company in India but one of my fevrout is Arihant Webtech Pvt Ltd Who Has a Journey Around 7 year back in internet marketing  ..Read More

By Anonymous

Hello Lelit, If the problem is small you can solve or fix it by yourself. First you must find were the leak comes out. Then if you find were it comes from put a mark so you will know were is the broken you need to fix. After you find the broken. Turn off the water source, try to put some stuff to able to stop the leak. But if still now working, That's the... Read More

By Hashemi Raj (Student)

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