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World Cup 2019 witnessed so many such incidents which were never seen in the history of World Cup. The battle of World Cup was to be ended with the finale played between the host team England and New Zealand. Nothing could be anticipated beforehand as both the teams entered the final of World Cup for the first time ever and both were chasing their first... Read More

By Ramesh Kumar (Marketing Manager )

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Ostensibly the best goalkeeper ever to make the appearance, Neuer has the shot-halting capacity of any who have gone before him, yet on the off chance that sweeper-attendants – players as great with their feet similarly as with their hands – are presently the most sought after administrators in the position, at that point soccer has Neuer to thank. ... Read More

By ajay Thakur (Blogger)

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An Indian player recording the highest individual ODI score sees the same victory margin.To have exact same win margin in these 3 matches is just an amazing coincidence.

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Why is India not as good in sports as China?

Anonymous | Posted 21 Hours ago

No nation even approached China in award count at the Incheon Asian Games 2014. With 151 golds contrasted with Korea's 79 who was put second , they made it bounteously evident that they were currently a brandishing superpower and setting down deep roots. Searching for the key to China's prosperity, it was found in their framework. ... Read More

By Anonymous

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