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Abdul Fairose

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From where should I do MBA from IIM or abroad?


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As an Indian, the greatest factor to consider is that MBA abroad does not offer grounds situations. On one hand, the best 10 universities in India (IIMs/ISB and so on) all offer spoon encouraging regarding arrangements, so 100% of their understudies arrive up a good compensation even before their MBA finishes.


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Management in Business Administration is degree oriented program which provides core areas in business which includes: Statistics, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and International Business.
There are many universities and Private Institutes which are offering this course in different perspective.
Letsdiskuss Let us distinguish between the IIM’s and Doing MBA program from abroad? 
MBA from IIMs
IIM’s are renowned name when it comes to pursue MBA program. They offers Post Graduate Program ( PGP) which is equivalent to MBA degree, there flagship Program known as Post Graduate Diploma in Management( PGDM) is widely acceptable in the corporate sector . If you want to peruse jobs in the private sector you can opt for this program. Government services ask for proper degree from a recognized university.
There are about 13 IIMs across the country out of which four are internationally acclaimed business schools while other stretches the flag towards perception.
Let us come to the package scale offered by these institutes which every student looks for at the starting of any program, pay package of these institutes are quiet high as compared to the other Indian institutions. The average salary package moves around 20-23 lakhs depending on certain criteria for the students such as name of the college, specializations, marks /grades, and the important factor the caliber performance of an individual performing towards that course.
The average packages are expected as follows from the top institutes.
IIM Ahmedabad:- 22.5 lakhs( p.a)
 IIM Bangalore:- 21.5 lakhs(p.a)
 IIM Kolkata:- 20 lakhs ( p.a) 

Now let us consider the other option :-
MBA from Abroad?
Due to massive impact of globalization students are preferring higher studies abroad that gives them wide scope of opportunity in education, cultural diversification, learning of new languages, and an attractive course . MBA from abroad whether you can look for American, European or Asian countries. Top countries to study MBA abroad such as Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia & Singapore.
MBA from abroad itself boost high salary package with different teaching methodology adapted by the professors and varied curriculum. The employment rate of MBA graduates from abroad has been recorded approx. 91%, from the reports taken by the different Universities.
Average MBA starting salaries are as follows by different countries:-
North America:- $ 123,900
 Western Europe:- $ 102,900
 Asia Pacific:- $90,000
 Eastern Europe:- $ 72,000
Cons :-
 The major cons studying abroad is the cost of the course which needs to be bared by the student unless he gets scholarship by the university or he is eligible to pay the desired fee.
 The other factor is the Changed Environment of a student sometime the students finds difficult to adapt the new teaching methods, language issues and culture of the society.


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