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Vineet Agarwal

Owner Of Company | Posted | Science-Technology

How can I optimize my website SEO friendly?


Digital marketing | Posted

When you’re trying to create an SEO-friendly website. It's challenging to know what elements are deciding to help your business manage success. It is essential to have an SEO-friendly website. Implementing a white hat SEO strategy to your site can improve your search engine presence and get it ranked higher in SERPs.

Use responsive design for mobile users
Create website content on valuable keywords
Optimize header tags
Use internal linking to crawl and index your pages
Optimize meta descriptions
Focus on readability
Improve page load


Blogger | Posted

You can optimize your website SEO friendly by adding SEO friendly content and SEO friendly URLs 

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Hello Vineet,


Nowadays Google is updating continually. If your website is not well optimized and SEO friendly then you are losing visitors. Following are the tips which can help you optimize your website:


  1. Use Seo Friendly URLs-A URL which contains #, (,} these special characters don't look SEO friendly. So create URLs that provide information and include keywords in your page URLs.
  2. Update Quality Content- Use quality content in your website to gain more visitors. Here quality includes the use of rich keywords, title, and internal linking. Avoid keyword stuffing in your content. Try to analyze your audience what actually they want to read.
  3. Use Header Tags- Header tags are the heading that describes your page to search engine. Use your primary keywords in your headers to ensure you rank for that keyword.
  4. Improve page load time-Optimize images in your website because heavy images take a lot of time to load which impacts your visitors. Compress image size to help your site load quicker.
  5. Internal Linking-Internal linking is the easiest method to index and crawl your website. This helps search engines to discover new pages on your website and index them.


Hope this will be a helpful post.




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