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How can I respond to a warning letter by my employer?


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There could be ‘n’ number of reasons why your boss issues a warning letter to you. Don’t just get disheartened yet because it ‘s not the end and you still have time to respond and make it up to them. Moreover, you should just take it as an opportunity to learn, grow and be better. Asked quite frequently by employees, the answer to how you should respond to a cautionary letter depends entirely on the reason that forced your employer to draft/ download & send a warning letter format and on the severity of accusation that is made.

  • If it is regarding a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)

You can simply reassure the completion of your targets and respond with a promise of an enhanced show in the upcoming evaluation

  • If it is regarding Code of Conduct

You can simply apologise and ensure that repetition of the same would not happen in future

  • If you have made a Punishable Offence

Your tone has to be apologetic in this case too and again, show them you have learnt your lesson!

  • If it is Not Your Fault

Sometimes the accusation or reason stated in the warning letter is untrue or deniable. Then, you have to just politely decline the letter acceptance and challenge the same for a reconsideration

  • If things go Out of Control

You can take a step back if the situation gets really bad. It is better to leave the organization yourself with grace than to be waiting for the termination letter.

Thus, do not frown or get frightened the moment you receive a warning letter. You can download and go through the different warning letter format and templates available on HROne for understanding the cases better and respond wisely.


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